Capricorn Tubing Cutter

Capricorn Tubing Cutter

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To properly seat your Bowden tube, it is imperative to have a clean, square, end. Without this, you risk oozing, or worse, clogging, in the hot end. This super-sharp tubing cutter is the perfect tool for obtaining a clean, square cut in your tubing, every time.

Features a stainless steel blade and spring. The housing is made from tough durable plastic. There's a hole through the end so you can attach it to a key chain, hang it on a necklace, etc., so you won't lose it.

Fits up to 6mm diameter tubing. Can also be used to cut filament. (Do not use as a wire cutter or you will dull the blade, however.)

We've also tested these for durability, and dropped from a height of over 1 meter onto a concrete floor without damage.

Similar cutters sell for $10 or more online, use a plastic spring, and do not have a hole for hanging!