[Pre-Order] EPAX X156 15.6" 4K Color LCD 3D Printer

[Pre-Order] EPAX X156 15.6" 4K Color LCD 3D Printer

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The EPAX X156 is the largest LCD printer on the market, this all metal out of the box ready machine come with everything you need to start printing. Complete with a 345mm * 194mm * 400mm build volume this printer can print multiple large prints in a single shot & is specifically designed to incorporate future upgrades. This massive all metal 15.6 inch machine is extremely detailed and much faster than other leading brands it's size. If you are looking for a reliable 3D printer that will empower you in both manufacturing and prototyping than look no further than this industrial large format printer.  Engineered to be on 24/7 the X156 is resilient and reliable.

The X156 comes with a  15.6" 4K color LCD screen installed - this allows for maximum build volume and color screens are more affordable to replace over time. 

Printer Specifications:

Resin Compatibility: EPAX Hard and EPAX Hard & Tough

Vat Volume -2.5kg

    Package Size/Weight:  125 lb 

    Warning:  It is recommended to install/move by 2 people due to its weight.