[Pre-Order] EPAX Porcelain-Like Resin - 1kg

[Pre-Order] EPAX Porcelain-Like Resin - 1kg

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  • Prints has Porcelain-like shining surface with high precision
  • Contains Porcelain powder; White color
  • Hard and Very Low Shrinkage
  • Low odor
  • Easy to print
  • Very good surface scratch resistance
  • Great for printing art work like sculpture


Print Parameters:

Mono Screen

  • Bottom Layer Count : 4 - 6
  • Exposure time :  2-3.5 S
  • Bottom Exposure Time : 50 - 80 S

Color Screen

  • Bottom Layer Count : 4 - 6
  • Exposure time :  6-10 S
  • Bottom Exposure Time : 60 - 120 S